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Investment in Aand humanity lies at the foundation of Çokaş Printing.

Since its establishment, Çokaş Printing has utilized the most valid and advanced printing techniques and technologies of its time, leading to its current level of knowledge. Modern printing is obligated to provide quality and speed to its customers, which can only be achieved by using high-tech products. Çokaş Printing has made it a principle to provide the best service to its customers by investing in technology and people.

Color is not just color; it’s our life.

Color is a tool that attracts, inspires, and creates lasting memories. Finding the right color is an art because each person can interpret every color differently. Maybe you prefer warm and vibrant colors like beige, yellow, or orange. Or perhaps you lean towards cool and deep colors like violet, blue, or turquoise. With our multi-color Komori machines, we can print your desired colors from thousands of different options. We pay attention to every millimeter of the image. And in the end, we deliver the product you’ve envisioned and wanted.

The power of experience.

Established in 1981, Çokaş Çolakoğlu Paper and Printing, over time, continued its activities as Çokaş Group in the field of Digital Printing. With over 39 years of experience, we have become experts in printing, especially in packaging. Our constant search for innovations and our commitment to keeping up with the latest technologies have placed us among the leading companies in the printing and packaging industry.

In 2017, we expanded to Europe and America, becoming part of the export product supply chain.

Çokaş Paper,

Çolakoğlu Printing, and

Çokaş Digital Printing Systems take pride in serving you.

Celebrating our 39th year in the industry.